Anna Dearhart - Cyber Girls January 2008
Chaterine Olivia - Coeds January 2008
Celia Sunar - Playmates January 2008
Fivey Rachmawati - Playmates Girls February 2008
Cathy Lestari - Coeds February 2008
Dena La Rosa- Cyber Girls February 2008
Bella Na Veisha - Playmates March 2008
Febby Caroline - Coeds March 2008
Jennifer Dunn - Cyber Girls March 2008
Intan Bella - Playmates April 2008
Giska Dmelia - Coeds April 2008
Julia Mendez - Cyber Girls April 2008

Nikita Siregar - Coeds September 2008

Nikita I Love You So

Musician Elton John, at while Cold War anciently has once worshipped and reveals its love pass song to a woman named Nikita. In its song, Elton John recites that Nikita that at its love comes from east pole universalize. But this time we will get acquaintance with Nikita that growing at equator. Nikita Siregar grows up to be escorted by wave and warming plump its light solar. Nikita really girl which entice and of course it so section.

Naila Maria - Playmates September 2008


Presenting it may really be not new thing. Decade have comeliness exotic Naila adorns fashion's bandstand Indonesian.
After decade gets action at modelling, what already you get?
A great many yes. Besides as profession that really enough can back up my life. I also get a lot of thing. Are not only trifling show precession at catwalk, but also discipline, health, accountability and even communication problem also since I can be engaged various person of medley circles.

If other model usually afters a few years must begin to look nine ways the world any other, but why Naila seems to be faithful regular with world modelling and blase with the other?
Not it blase, but haven't available one becomes to wait for call the most heart duly. While at its taste modelling still a lot of one can be studied. Really have once there is offer main film and sinetron, but its taste yes really doesn't wait for call my soul, so don't I follow. Now sih I start to look nine ways the world any other that i can geluti as untrammeled as of modelling.

Really it all this time no other activity non modelling which her karir?
If present is studying becomes good wife yes. Fortunately date 5th August yesterday I duly celebrate one year of our nuptials. One year that still so young, so still a lot of one has to be studied by problem builds her family and attends husband.

Ema Purnama & Marlin Taroreh - Cyber Girls September 2008


Presenting both of Popular sexy star this may have old stuff for You, but both gets collaboration and give them best flank strictly for You.

Since performs at Popular a few years ago, second career star pretty it was progressively steady at amusement industry. Ema we can witness in various advertising, FTV and wide screen film. While Marlin have performed on advertising the world and is asked out performs at severally another man magazine. Their name is even have a lot of is spoken at circle sort. Incredulous? Try their name type at Google scavenging sites, therefore You can direct cure longing on their figure. In the middle its rushing, both of this pretty woman really is ardour while be asked out gets collaboration to perform back to at cover popular magazine year month of September 2008. Therefore as usual, we make to be charmed by both of this sexy woman.

Eno Sawadhi - Playmates August 2008

Model Addict

From Surabaya, it comes by take in one barn of hope go to Jakarta capital. Find time to stop in to Oracular Island for over concentrate on career about hotel it. But art instinct that is adrift in its blood, making her migranting to Jakarta to get model the world career